5 Natural Supplements For Stress Relief

Everyone has experienced some form of stress in their lifetime whether it is home, work, finances...the list goes on. Stress knows no limits or boundaries and impacts everyone at some point in their lifetime. It is how we adapt to stressful situations that can impact the affect it has on us.

Diet, lifestyle changes, exercise and even prescription medications are some means of assisting with stress relief. So what are some natural ways to help alleviate the symptoms?

Though there are many natural remedies that assist with stress relief, we have asked our staff to put together some of their top choices.

1.Vitamin B12 

Taking in adequate amounts of Vitamin B12 can help reduce stress by promoting healthy nervous system function. When the nervous system is functioning properly, the adrenal glands do not secrete as much cortisol—the hormone produced during times of stress that causes “fight or flight” response. 

Our #1 choice for Vitamin B12 is Megafood's Methyl B12: fresh from farm to tablet! Methyl B12, the active coenzyme form of B12 is made with beets, broccoli & brown rice. 


2. Holy Basil

Holy Basil is an adaptogen. Adaptogens are herbs that grow and thrive under very stressful conditions, such as high altitudes, extreme temperatures, etc. To do so, they “adapt” and evolve mechanisms to counter stress. Holy basil is a highly respected adaptogen, helpful in modulating our stress response. 

 New Chapter's Holy Basil Force promotes natural stress relief and normal cell growth. It is the only source of this herb that provides both supercritical and hydroethanolic extracts to capture the fullness of this herb in its purest and most concentrated form. 


3. Valerian Root

Valerian Root is an incredible effective sedative. It's used primarily as a sleep aid, but the sedative qualities of Valerian are effective in soothing muscles and reducing mental and physical tension so that you can easily relax.

Solaray's Valerian Root  is  100% Vegan and Non-GMO. Valerian is an herb that has been used historically throughout the world for thousands of years. The strong smell of the root makes it easily identifiable. It is said that its name derives from the Latin word valere, meaning "all heal", because it was so commonly used for a wide variety of ailments


4. Passionflower

Passionflower is considered best for mild to moderate anxiety, although it may still be valuable for severe anxiety. It works by reducing muscle tension and insomnia, calming the nerves to prevent agitation, mood swings, headaches, and hot flashes from anxiety.

Solaray's Guaranteed Potency Passion Flower Extract is intended to provide nutritive support for normal, healthy relaxation.


5. Lavender 

Lavender is known as a calming and relaxing herb and has frequently been used for insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches and natural stress relief. Whether taken internally or inhaled it's heavenly fragrance will soothe your soul! 

Now Foods Lavender Oil's soft, calming aroma has made it one of the most popular in the essential oil family. 100%  pure and natural aroma therapeutic Lavender Oil can be diffused for aromatherapy, added to a warm bath or add it into a spray bottle filled with distilled water for a nice room spray! 

We have some great diffusers for your home, car and we even have jewelry!

Wyndmere's Tree of Life Aromatherapy Necklace: Simply add a few drops of your favorite Wyndmere therapeutic essential oil or synergistic blend to a pad. Open the locket and insert the fragranced pad. Enjoy the world of aromatherapy as you wear your locket by inhaling the aroma on the pad.

Aromakey USB Aromatherapy Diffuser: Simply add 5 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend of oils on the reusable pad and slide the pad into the AromaKey Diffuser. Plug in the Diffuser into an USB outlet and within minutes you will enjoy the experience and benefits of your chosen oil.



"Set Peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it." Brian Tracy