How I went from Full Panic Mode to "Kanna Bliss"

Since I was 12 years old I have struggled with severe anxiety and depression. At the time it was said that it was most likely due to hormones and just something all teenagers go through.

Well I am 43 years old now, not a teenager anymore, and the struggle has only intensified. 

Each day is a constant battle - one that I often lose regardless of the laundry list of remedies I have added to my routine.  Virtually every medication, herbal and homeopathic remedy I have ingested has had minimal positive results.

And then there is the meditation, yoga, diets, exercise and psychotherapy I have tried (again with minimal results.)

I mean I am not saying that these have not helped in their own way. It's just that I have needed something I could rely on to help me out when I am in full panic mode or when I anticipate myself being in an uncomfortable situation.

And preferably something that will not put me in a vegetative state!

You can do all the healthy living you want but when you deal with such extreme anxiety attacks you need options. 

So one day I decided to try a sample of a product called “Kanna Bliss.” I mean the name sold me right there!

At this particular time I truly needed something immediately, because as we all know, life does not stop because you' re having a crisis.

By the time I decided to take it I was shaking like a leaf. Not to mention my head felt like it was going to start spinning around full circle, I couldn’t see straight and all I wanted to do was crawl up in a hole and wish it all away.  

So I took two of them 20 minutes prior to the meeting I was to attend.

As I head into my meeting, I quickly sit myself down at the table and situate myself  in hopes that I may conceal all of my idiosyncrasies.

Now meetings, especially when they are one on one, scare me to no end! I hyper-focus on every ridiculous thing only making matters worse.

I pull my collar up to cover my neck so as to not show the lobster tone of my anxiety ridden neck...

...lean in and put my elbow on the table... my chin in my palm ( just one of the things I do to try and hide the rabid head shaking) only to realize it was completely unnecessary...

I could not believe how effective the Kanna Bliss was! 

AND the best part, I was able to fully function. That combination is practically unheard of in the 30 plus years I have dealt with these debilitating illnesses.

My brain was actually functioning at 100% capacity as well!!! 


 So what is this heavenly product called ‘Kanna Bliss all about??

Pure Life, the makers of Kanna Bliss, describe it as: 

“Happy, focused and energized – Kanna Bliss delivers like no other product.

This herbal adaptogenic formula optimizes brain function and systems like the adrenals and nervous system while also reducing stress, anxiety and depression!”










WHAT is an adaptogenic you may ask? 

 Adaptogens actually do exactly what their name states. Help your mind and body ADAPT to the stressors in your life! They are like that warm blanket that shelters you from the world in your toughest times. AND they do not have sedative effects, are not addictive and do not leave you with a colossal list of possible side effects.

 “Adaptogens are natural substances that work with a person’s body and help them adapt; most notably, to stress. Adaptogens are a natural ally in dealing with persistent stress and fatigue because they work with regulating important hormones.” Source

Kanna Bliss contains: 


For all of you that struggle with Anxiety/ Depression and any other of these  "invisible diseases" PLEASE remember to take care of yourself. Make sure you surround yourself with those that bring a positive light into your life. Educate those around you so that they may know what best works for you when you are struggling and how they can assist you, or not. This is crucial!! I have had to learn this the hard way and feel so blessed that I FINALLY have those in my corner that understand and support me. 

 And PLEASE do not be ashamed of your diagnosis, your disease because that is exactly what it is. Just like Diabetes or heart disease it is exactly that!! I have fought long and hard to erase the feelings of self degradation due to how others have treated me. As I say this I too am trying to take my own advice. It is not "all in your head" you can't "just calm down or relax" but you can take charge of your life and not allow anyone or anything to get in your way!!!


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The Mighty - A very helpful site that discusses everything from Mental health issues, Chronic Illness, disabilities and much more. A place that I have often "gone to" that has reminded me that I am not alone!

Remember - you are not alone!