Hydrating Nutrient Mist - 4 oz
Hydrating Nutrient Mist - 4 oz

Hydrating Nutrient Mist - 4 oz

Mad Hippie
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  • Mad Hippie Advanced Skin Care. Hydrating Nutrient Mist. 18 Actives with Hesperidin & Sodium PCA.
  • What is Hesperidin? A plant flavonoid that has been shown to help reduce the appearance of skin discoloration & photodamage. What is Sodium PCA? A naturally occurring humectant, Sodium PCA helps bind moisture to the skin.
  • Harmoniously hydrating blend minimizes the appearance of photodamage. Perfect for face, arms, neck and chest!
  • Genuine flower power, natural antioxidants and active essentials work hand in hand to liberate the skin from signs of aging. By leaving out harmful chemicals, parabens, synthetic color and fragrance, Mad Hippie helps your skin achieve true harmony.
  • Vegan, GMO free, and no animal testing.