Adrenal Xtra - 60 Tabets
Adrenal Xtra - 60 Tabets

Adrenal Xtra - 60 Tabets

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  • Adrenal XTRA is formulated to support adrenal function, enhancing the body's everyday endurance and speeding its return to normal energy levels following exertion.
  • Adrenal XTRA's name and potency come from the addition of three times the amount of pantothenic acid found in Adrenal Factors and also from Rhodiola rosea, an herb used for centuries to combat fatigue, support physical strength and enhance mental stamina.
  • Contains Rhodiola, both the whole herb and extract, for the most complete assimilation.
  • Supports red blood cell production; Enhanced Co-A activity for increased ATP production; Athletes' energy resource; Source of quiet, natural strength.